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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Chinese New Year and partying with 2 crazy Welsh lasses.

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After another good flight, think someone up above is giving me a welcome break from air-rage, we arrived near the boarder of Hong Kong so still in China. We did the usual direction request to get our bus to Hong Kong and was met with an English speaking lady that directed us over to the right, or so I thought because when we left her Chloe said she told us to go left!!! As I've said before my internal sat nav broke when Wham released their first single and has remained so since. So much so in a blog to come we had to use a compass and I couldn't even get that right! Good job the world is round....i'll never really get lost. Anyway off we went marching on a mission for the bus stop not having a clue where it was. We stopped opposite another MacDonalds, did you know there are approximately 31,000 of them in the world in apx 120 countries, and Chloe spotted a sign outside a hotel saying coach to Hong Kong.....miracle just what we needed and we happened to stumble across it!

We bought our ticket and got on within minutes we were off! We held dearly onto our bags after the disaster in Yingshuo and travelled for about two hours when we came for a 'comfort break'. We got off and went into the shop to buy a drink to take away and a bag of crisps, that's a difficult task too because the popular flavours at home are plain, salt n vinager or cheese and onion....in china it's seaweed, duck and some things I've never heard off. We waited patiently in the que only to be buffed off by the assistant serving anyone but us so when the shop was empty we got served them went off for our comfort break. Whilst in the loo we could hear the coach horn honking so we went back and when we got on were met with furious faces with eyebrows down to their lips, heads were shaking and there were many a tut in the air. Now this really annoyed me, if anyone was going to be cross it was going to be me! We had been so patient in the shop, so patient in China, so patient when we had our iPad nicked, so patient when we get charged 4x as much as we should. So with a big smile I said "Tut, tut, tut, yes how terrible that we are the last on the bus a minute late....how awful! We would have been on time but the lady didn't want to serve us!". Obviously this fell on deaf ears so when we sat in a seat...not our one because someone else had already taken it...I turned to the couple next to us and continued "you know the lady wouldn't serve us until the shop was empty, I guess you're annoyed we're the last on the bus but it couldn't be helped. You should try being the minority in a country, its not nice getting on the bus with everyone cussing you". They started to laugh! They didn't have a clue what I was saying but they found it funny I think it was because I said it as if they did understand. Chloe continued with the talk and they laughed even more....a sense of humour what a relief and it certainly made me feel a little less disgruntled.

We arrive at the boarder and went into passport control and then through to Hong Kong...WOW what a difference. "welcome madam, please join in the que over there". Chloe and I were in separate ques but just as well it was very busy, I got through first and waited for Chloe to come through. "madam, please can you move along this is a no waiting area". I told him that I had to wait for my daughter and as I did this I signalled to my hip as though that was her height. "oh ok madam" He said looking through the crowds "how old is she?". Ummm I wasn't expecting this question so I looked at him and said "17". "Madam! I think your daughter is old enough and you need to have some faith so please move on.". Well what could I say to that ha ha I was expected a response something like that, I knew he was expecting me to say she was six or similar but not 17!

We got onto the bus for our final leg and we were on a completely different one to before which was a relief! When we arrived at our hotel we opened the door to our room.....2 pillows each, a tv, bath and shower, hair dryer and a mini bar.....luxury!!! We jumped onto the beds....extremely comfy with big fluffy duvets.....bliss I could have climbed in right then and slept....or got in the bath full to the brim with hot water.

We took a look around outside ....signs that we could understand everywhere! A bakery too so in we went and bought a mixture of pastries and sandwiches went back to our room and took it in turns to have our hot baths and showers....yes both!

We made plans to meet up with our Welsh ladies from Xian to watch the light show in Victoria Harbour unfortunately it was a it cloudy so we didnt get the full wow effect that we had been told about. We went onto get some food and then into a bar where we sat and discussed which pitcher we would get...cocktail or beer....cocktail or beer...ummm decisions decisions, my philiosophy I life is when faced with a decision is why can't I do/have both which I know makes me sound greedy and maybe I am or maybe I am just ambitious....I'll leave that upto you to figure out. So it was very very easy to convince the girls to go for both! Anyway from what I remember the cocktail was called Black Diamond and at apx £10 a pitcher a real deal in Hong Kong.....it was seriously considering the bar across the road for one beer was £5. These went down like fruit juice and so it wasn't long before two more pitchers were in front of us. We asked what time the bar shut and the reply was about 1am....so when we staggered out about 2am we were on a mission for a club. Luckily one of the girls had been getting local info from the staff whilst the rest of us chatted to the manager who looked like a fat old Steve Segel look alike. To be honest I can't even remember the conversation or much about leaving! We ended up in a club somewhere that was really busy.....remember it's Chinese new year.....talking to all sorts of people and then we left......it was about 7am.....it had flown by! We got a taxi back to our hotel and I tripped over the wall outside and fell flat on my face.....embarrassing!!! Reminded me of Lyn in Dublin many years ago...but I got straight back up!! Lyn....you know what I'm taking about!!

We had such a great night with the girls and are so grateful to have met them having had such an unsociable time in china so thank you ladies! You girls are fabo! Keep it up!

Hong Kong is a fantastic place with an excellent transport system, their tube equiveilant starts at 20p upwards and links to all the places you want to go. We went all over the place and really didn't stay long enough, however, the rest of hong kong is very expensive like to eat out for breakfast it cost me £30 for the both of us....I know .....a roast dinner for two was £40 including one beer...we passed on that. We did go to an Irish bar for dinner called Delaineys and had chips and cheese which we were advised one portion would be enough for one....we didn't take the advise and ended up both leaving half our food. Recommend this place just off Nathan Road.

It was sad to leave especially leaving my two pillows!!!! But the thought of 33 degrees certainly compensated. We were off to Bangkok to travel down to koh Tao. So we said good bye with every intention to return.

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