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Christmas at Hoi An Pacific Hotel

We hit gold with this hotel and I remember back in August booking it for Christmas knowing it was a special place so we paid a bit more. Our rooms are really spacious and on the first night was the Christmas Gala Meal. The list of events included Ball kicking contest, who has the longest tail, beer drinking contest and dancing contest. Before going we made a pact that if one of us wanted to do the contest we all would have to. Deal! First was the drinking contest and Ellen and I got up and went onto the stage to be placed with a man each having to sit on their lap and feed them a babys bottle (yes with a teet) full of beer and the first one to finish was the winner. My guy was really fat so I thought I was onto a winner with his beer belly - but alas no - Ellens guy was much quicker out of the five men and they won.

Next we got up to dance - all of us - to some really odd music. The contest was between 10 of us and when it finished the compare said he had to get rid of 4 - yes - Me, Nana, Ellen and Chloe - were we really that bad?? Chloe says I dance like Nana - but she dances like me - so work that one out! We lost that anyway! I took part in the longest tail which meant our team had to make use of anything on us to make the longest lenth (including body, shoes, hair, laces, belts) hard to explain but we won --- 24 pints of beer and the team gave me the ticket as they were leaving and already won loads of beer. At this point I still have 24 pint tab at the bar!

The best bit was the final lucky draw where they put your room number in a tombola and got a young girl to pull out the number. They pulled out the first one and the people had left the room, so the remaining people shouted "redraw!" we convinced the hotel to keep pulling out room numbers until we get one where the residents are actually in the room. I heard "VICTORIA......" Me I thought.....no someone else different surname. About 10 names got called out and then 'BAILEY' 'YESS!!!!" I shouted - not even thinking there may be other BAILEYS here - but it was us - we won! We won our accommodation for free - how cool was that! We were buzzing!

Christmas day we got up and did our secret santa, I had a colonial hat as well as nana didn, Chloe had a panda purse and a watch and Ellen had a t-shirt. We went into the town and ate at Streets (no 1 on Trip Advisor) It is a restaurant sponsored for the local youths to learn catering from top chefs. They don't get paid but are given accommodation and tuition for free and they learn a trade where they can then work in 5* hotels. What a great place, really good food and it felt right to be eating there. It was more expensive that anywhere else but to know that you are helping in the community by just eating there makes the food taste even nicer.

So I am upto date now and tomorrow we head of to Hue (pronounce Heway and not hugh as i''ve been saying for months and months....no one corrected me - I did the same with Laos (pronounced Lough) - I was telling people "We're going to Layos" One girl called Lucy from work, and I thank her for this, said to me " Are you going to Laos?" "No - but we are going to Layos" Lucy told me it was pronounced Lough and thanks Lucy - you stopped me looking like a right idiot (for a while anyway!).

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