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Tioman Island

ABC Resort, Salang, Tekek

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Imagine falling asleep to the croaking sounds of frogs, tuneful crickets, the distant whoop of monkeys, the chirping of geckos that scuttle around after the pesky mosquitos and the far sound of reggae music from the beach bar with the odd flash of lightening coming through the humid chalet window........welcome to Tioman.

During the day this place can't get any more chilled out, its got to be the most relaxing place in the world.

We first arrived in ABC given that it was described as the backpackers place we thought that it would all be happening here but we couldn't have been further from the truth. It was like a ghost resort. There was hardly anybody there even though the majority of chalets were fully booked who knows where everybody was. It was coming upto Ramandan which meant alot of places were closed. There was a bar that was open in the evening called Happy Bar and yes everyone was happy there, it was a lovely place to watch the sun set over the sea. One day we took a trek through the jungle path toward Monkey Beach which is a secluded golden beach .....no accommodation....you can only get there by boat or the jungle trek. As we marched through the jungle in our flip flops.....not recommended.....making hiking sticks out of broken branches we got to see monkeys jumping through the trees and even saw a green grass whip snake that was coiled up in the air ready to strike an unexpected gecko. There are 25 different species of snakes here but we only saw one, there is a black cobra and king cobra....so just as well we didn't see them! You could hear the monitor lizards slowly moving through the leaves but they kept away. After a long trek we took a welcomed dip in the sea at Monkey Beach, the shore was awash with broken coral and Chloe managed to cut her foot which isn't a great thing to do when you have to hike back!

We hired bikes one day and cycled to Tekek which is the main town.....but don't be thinking of a town in UK it was very basic but is the only place on the island with an ATM. Again there wasn't much to do even though there is a small marina, we just cycled around and headed back to ABC. I would say the best thing in Tekek is at apx 4pm you can hear loud screams like a baby crying and if you look upto the trees you will see hundreds of Flying Fox Bats that are huge hanging down from the trees, we watched them for ages and could have stayed longer, they are amazing!

All in all I wouldn't recommend ABC I found it very boring and didn't enjoy it at and was glad to leave....and forget about the place.

We headed to Salang on the ferry and as we arrived at the jetty already the mood was lifted where you could see that there was actually life on the island. What a contrast! We easily found accommodation at a good price and saw various different restaurants and shops. It was such a relief!

We stayed in Pusaka Salang Resort and I would thoroughly recommend it, the restaurant there is amazing with a BBQ every night with any fish you can think of, they even cater a BBQ for veggies which was delish.....peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic potatoes, corguettes, egg plant......I could go on and on. The best part of this place is the staff - they were fantastic....we were made to feel so welcome by them and got to be good friends by the end of our trip so Zaid.....you cheeky monkey, thank you for your banter and smiles, Joey ...... thank you for looking after us, Anjay .....thank you for the fun and for changing our tickets ha ha, Raheem.......thank you for all your laughter and fun, Big Banana thank you for making us laugh with your big banana shorts! We were only supposed to stay a few nights but ended up staying a lot longer. We had such a great time with you guys and hope we will see you again!

We went snorkeling one day and were lucky enough to see 2 black tip sharks, yes sharks. They are so called for the black tip on their fin and the rest of them are similar to the colour of the sea so they can be difficult to spot, we went out with a guide so we could get a better chance of seeing one. They are quite big about 5ft to 6ft and have the distinctive shark face so it was a bit scary but they didn't come anywhere near us luckily. The guide told me they were vegetarian....which was rubbish but had I known this before we saw it I probably wouldn't have gone shark hunting! We also got to see turtles, sting ray, needle fish, jelly fish, parrot fish and massive schools of various fish. It was amazing with clear waters and the beautiful corals of purples, lilacs, pinks and electric blue.

We had the benefit of seeing the huge monitor lizards swimming up and down the river, giant black squirrels and Chloe said she saw a bush tailed porcupine!

We only bumped into two English people there...two girls from Brighton.....and to be honest I wished we hadn't....they were awful....very obnoxious and rude toward the local people. They were telling me about their trip and funnily enough how they had encountered problems from local people where ever they went......not suprised.

We eventually left Tioman having changed our plans, and tickets a few times but would like to thank everyone there that makes the Island what it is......especially Salang residents.

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