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Leaving New Zealand

To say leaving New Zealand was stressful is the understatement of the century. Infact, had I known what the next 48hrs entailed I probably would have set up a camp for a few days. It's not through lack of organisation or that our plans were incompetent, its sometimes things happen that are way out of your control......I call it environmental factors. I'm not making any excuses just see for your self.

So taking the motorhome back we were a good 1/2 hr to the destination so we stopped for a toilet break....literally seconds. Back on the road the usual empty lane was backed up.....a tailback. I got out to check....a fatal car crash., could we have been involved had we not stopped? Who knows. We had to divert which took about 2 more hrs and we were very nearly late for our drop off.

Fortunately that side went smoothly and we were dropped off at the airport where we had to spend the evening....til 4am that is so no sleep.

The flight to Singapore was good, left at 6 am sharp and we had a pre booked entertainment package lined up for our tired eyes. Plenty of films and games. We only had one night planned in Singapore maybe not even enough but we made the most of it taking a tub boat up the river, going on the equivalent to the London eye and generally wandering around. There's quite a lot to see, we made a special stop at Raffels for the famous Singapore Sling....definitely worth it.

We were on track to get to the airport when the environmental factors kicked in....the tubes were delayed and we had to wait over half hour extra for the journey. When we got to the airport we had to get a bus to the otherside which took forever to arrive and it was then I knew we would not make our flight. We got to check-in desk 10 minutes after it closed and despite it being delayed for another hour, we were not allowed on. We made the most of it by staying nearby in a nice hotel so we had our first decent night sleep for a while with a beautiful buffet breakfast to boot.

Nothing was going to stop us getting this flight! Kuala Lumpur....arrived on time with about 5hrs to spare until the next flight. We decided to do a bit of shopping which is about 40 mins from the airport. I timed it that if we left at 5pm we would be at the airport for just before 6. The latest we could leave would be 7. Then the environmental factors came into play again. After shopping we went to get a cab. You have to get a ticket and stand in line. We were ushered into a taxi which already contained two people....great! They were getting dropped off first, but the driver got lost! I began to get concerned "we have a flight to catch....we need to go to the train station" I said firmly but was placated with "ok yes yes" He would not drop us off until he had dropped them off. Finally we got to the train station at one minute past 7. The train had gone, it was ground hog day on missing planes. I was too tired to even get upset about it so I decided we should see if this time we would get on by the skin of our teeth. We hatched a plan of Chloe collecting the luggage whilst I stall check in desk until she arrived. I ran to check in and rifled through my bag for the paperwork apologising as I went, looking over my shoulder for Chloe. Luckily for us the lady at the desk bore with me and we got checked in at the last hour! We were so relieved dragging our hand luggage through....."stop....we need to weigh your hand baggage 7kg is the limit" Cringing at the scales revealing 16kg and that was just Chloes bag. After swapping aloud of stuff around we were allowed through. How relieved was I to be sat in the plane. Nothing was going to move me. "Excuse me you are sat in our seat" came a voice. I ignored it knowing full well I was in seat 28a as my ticket said. Chloe dealt with it but the girl still went on about it so I got my ticket out and showed the girl "28a...see" I said confidently. "Yes ....but this flight number is different"

I haven't moved so quick....environmental factors had the attendants put us on the wrong plane! Seriously who would have thought that could happen but it does. We managed to push through the people off the plane and got onto our plane and I had just about had enough.

Travelling is all good fun but sometimes ......it can be soo stressful!

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